From the first moment, there was a general acceptance of the boiled eggs as it serves consumers for 4 main reasons: :

1) It’s cost is almost the same as the fresh one
2) The process is done in such a way that outside the egg has the same required hardness and internally has the correct boiling
3) The cooking and cleaning time is gained and the losses are drastically reduced, something very important especially for fast food chains
4) Is a total safe product and traceability because the expiry date and the batch number appear on the packaging.ς.

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Pomfarm's innovative product, ready-to-eat omelette, is another product that consumers have universally accepted since they are:

1) Delicious cause the pure and quality ingredients which are used in the right quantity
2) Uniform because the baking of omelettes is done in a special machine which has the effect of drastically reducing any losses ς
3) Safe and fresh because it has an expiration date (consumption within 3 months from the date of manufacture)
4) Ready to use, resulting in the baking time being gained if it takes at least 8 minutes to cook an omelet correctly.

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Pomfarm's latest innovative product, the frozen chicken, is constantly gaining consumers because:

1) Contains absolutely no risk of infection (eg Salmonella) due to baking
2) It is a "finished product" without a waste of material
3) Has a long shelf life (12 months freezing)
4) It is a ready-to-use product

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Imagine a product that totally combines two important elements: Unique taste and and High Protein Content. This is EGGCEPTIONALS. Amazing combination of boiled, peeled eggs in extra virgin oil.

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The quality guarantee products of Pomfarm offer customized solutions to the food industry.